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Bible StudyMonday  7:00 p.m.

Wednesday's small group meets at Spangenbergstr. 39, Celle, Germany, the  home of Bob Hnat and his wife, Debbie.  You can call for directions.
Phone: 05141/ 93 17 13.  E-mail: hnats@kabelmail.de
What We Believe About Head Covering.
No matter what you think or believe consider this topic again from a Biblical view point.
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Sermon Notes
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4 October2 Corinthians
Let There Be Light
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Tabernacle Handout (PDF)
27 September2 Corinthians
Jesus Is LORD
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
20 September2 Corinthians
Preach the Word
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
13 SeptemberEphesians
We Are His Body
How the Church Has Compromised with Culture (PDF)
Importance of Church Attendance (PDF)
Guide to Self-Examination (PDF)
6 September2 Corinthians
A New and Better Covenant
(Part 2)
August 302 Corinthians
A New and Better Covenant
(Part 1)
(PDF) (no audio) (PPTX)
August 232 Corinthians
Stone vs Heart
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Feasts of 2015 (PDF)
August 162 Corinthians
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 92 Corinthians
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 22 Corinthians
Established, Anointed, Sealed
(PDF) (no audio) (PPTX)
26 July2 Corinthians
God Allows Bad Things to Happen (Pt 2)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
19 July2 Corinthians
God Allows Bad Things
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
12 JulyEphesians
Saved by Grace Unto Works
Lord's Supper
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 281 Corinthians
Love, Obey or Be Cursed
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 211 Corinthians
Watch, Stand Fast, Be Brave, Be Strong
(PDF) (no audio) (PPTX)
June 141 Corinthians
Open Doors & Opposition
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 71 Corinthians
The Joy of Giving and Receiving
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 311 Corinthians
Twinkling of An Eye
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 171 Corinthians
Dying Daily
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 101 Corinthians
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 31 Corinthians
He Is Our Firstfruits
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 261 Corinthians
I Am What I Am By the Grace of God
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 191 Corinthians
The Gift of Tongues (Part 4)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 121 Corinthians
The Gift of Tongues (Part 3)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 5Romans 4:13-25He Rose; We Were Justified
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 151 Corinthians
The Gift of Tongues (Part 2)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 81 Corinthians
Edification NOT Confusion
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 11 Corinthians
What Is Love? (Part 2)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 221 Corinthians
What Is Love? (Part 1)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 151 Corinthians
We Need Each Other
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 81 Corinthians
12:20, 27
What Is the Church?
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 11 Corinthians
Unity & Diversity
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
January 251 Corinthians 12:12-13Spiritual Gifts (Part 4)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
January 183 JohnWorkers of the Truth
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
January 112 John 7-13LOOK to Yourself
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Handout: Pursuing Holiness Resolutions (PDF)
January 42 John 1-6Walking in the Truth
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 281 John 5:21Keep Yourselves from Idols
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX) (Handout)
December 211 John 5:18-20WE KNOW
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 141 John 5:16-17Love Through Discipline
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX) (Handout)
December 71 John 5:14-15Praying the Right Way
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
November 161 John 5:6-13Assurance of Salvation
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
November 91 John 5:4-5Overcoming the World
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
November 21 John 4:19-5:3Loving My Brother (Again)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
October 261 John 4:12-19Abiding in God
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
26 Theses (PDF)
Resolutions (PDF)
Seminars (PDF)
October 191 John 4:7-11The Father's Great Love
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
October 121 John 4:1-6Test ALL Spirits
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
October 51 John 3:19-24Answered Prayer
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 281 John 3:13-18Loving My Brother (Again)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 211 John 3:4-12Children of GOD OR Children of the Devil
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 141 John 2:28-3:3EVERYONE!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 71 John 2:18-27Deny Christ; Deny GOD
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 311 John 2:15-17Culture Is Our Enemy
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 241 John 2:12-14A Letter to the Young and Old
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 171 John 2:7-11Love Your Brother
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 101 John 2:3-6Keeping His Commandments
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 31 John 2:1-2We Have An Advocate
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 271 John 1:8-10IF We Confess
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 201 John 1:6-7Walking in the Light
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 131 John 1:1-4The Word Of Life
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 292 Corinthians 13:1-10Examine Yourself
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
26 Theses (PDF)
Resolutions for the Pursuit of Holiness (PDF)
June 22John 18:28-40What Is Truth?
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 151 Timothy 4:7-9We Need to Exercise to Win
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 81 Thessalonians 4:7He Died So That We Might Be Holy
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 1Matthew 28:18-20Doing Church God's Way
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 25Galatians 1:1-12GOD Speaks
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 18Job 12:7-25Learning from God's Nature
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 111 Peter 1:10-16The Angels Are Watching
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 41 Corinthians 11:8-12First Adam; Then Eve
(PDF) (PPTX) (MP3)
April 271 Corinthians 10:31Give Glory
(PDF) (PPTX) (MP3)
April 20Colossians 3:1-4Where Is Your Mind?
(PDF) (PPTX) (No Audio)
April 131 Corinthians 11:3Understanding Headship
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 231 Corinthians 11:1-16What Shall We Do?
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 161 Corinthians 11:1-16For the Glory of God
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 9Titus 2:11-15He Died for Us to Work
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Handout: Why We Celebrate the Way We Do (PDF)
March 21 John 1IF We Confess
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Handout: What Is Sin (PDF)
Handout: Serve One Another (PDF)
February 231 Corinthians 15:9-10We Live to Serve
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Handout: Serve One Another (PDF)
February 231 Corinthians 15:9-10We Live to Serve
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Handout (PDF)
16 FebruaryMatthew 20:20-28We Are Slaves
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
9 FebruaryLuke 14:25-33Count the Cost
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
2 FebruaryRomans 12:4-5We Are A Corporate Church
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
26 JanuaryTitus 2We Are A Local Church
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
19 JanuaryEphesians 1:1-14We Are the Universal Church
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
12 January1 Thessalonians 4:1-8He Chose Us to Be Holy
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
5 JanuaryRomans 12:1-2Reforming Our Lives
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
29 DecemberJohn 4:23-24Reforming Our Worship
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 221John 6:37-40He Came to Save
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 15Ephesians 1:1-14Soli Deo Gloria (For God's Glory Alone)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 8Hebrews 10:36 to 11:13Sola Fide (Faith Alone)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 1Romans 11:33-36GOD Is GOD
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
November 24Ephesians 2:1-10SOLA GRATIA
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
25 Theses (PDF)
November 17Acts 4:12SOLUS CHRISTUS
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
November 102 Timothy 3SOLA SCRIPTURA
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
You will need "25 Theses" for this sermon.
November 3Acts 17:22-31GOD Is IMMANENT
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Handout: 25 Theses (PDF)
October 271 John 2:3-17REFORMATION!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Hanout: First Ten Theses (PDF)
October 201 Corinthians
Spiritual Gifts (Part 4)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Handout: First Five Theses (PDF)
October 13Lamentations 3:22-26HE Is FAITHFUL
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 221 Corinthians
Spiritual Gifts (Part 2)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 151 Corinthians
Spiritual Gifts (Part 1)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Day of Atonement Sermons:
A Priest and Two Goats (PDF)
He Did It For Us (PDF)
We Have A Great High Priest (PDF)
September 81 Corinthians
Celebrating the Lord's Supper
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 1Isaiah 33:22GOD Is Judge
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 251 Corinthians 11:17-19The Must Be Heresy!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 18Philippians 2:3-16UNLEAVENED!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 111 Corinthians 11:2-16God's Place for Women in His Kingdom
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 4Acts 9:1-16GOD Is GRACIOUS
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 281 Corinthians
Imitate Me!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 211 Corinthians
Glorify God!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 141 John 3:1-16GOD Is Love (Part 2)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 301 Corinthians 10:1-13LEARN!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 231 Corinthians 9:15-27Discipline Your Body!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 161 Corinthians 9:1-14Feed Your Pastor
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 21 John 4:7-21He Is Love (Part 1)
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 261 Corinthians 8Limited Freedom
(PDF) (PPTX) (NoAudio)
May 191 Corinthians 7:39-40
(Hebrews 13:4)
What About Remarriage?
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 12John 17:20-26Cup #4 - Glory!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 51 Peter 1:3-16HE Is Holy
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 281 Corinthians 7:25-38Single in the LORD
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 211 Corinthians 7:17-24Abiding in God's Calling
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 141 Corinthians 7:1-16Married for LIFE
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 7Psalm 139HE KNOWS!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 311 Corinthians 15:1-23Why Is the Resurrection Important?
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 241 Corinthians 6:12-20RUN AWAY!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 101 Peter 1:13-21Cup #3: REDEEMED!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 3John 19:1-16What Does ALMIGHTY Mean?
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 241 Corinthians 6:1-11Family Matters!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 171 Corinthians 5:1-13Deliver Him Over to Satan
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 101 Corinthians 4:14-21Imitate Me!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 3Isaiah 44:28-45:13"I Create Evil. I, the LORD, Do It!"
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
January 271 Corinthians 4:6-13Scum of the Earth
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
January 201 Corinthians 4:1-6Stewards of the Mysteries of God
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
January 13Romans 3:21-26Cup #2 -- LOVED!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
January 6Psalm 47He Is TERRIBLE
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 301 Corinthians 3:18-23Fix-It
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 23Luke 2:1-7The GOD of Christmas
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 161 Corinthians 3:10-17Building the Temple of God
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 9Isaiah 13:1-19Cup#1: Elected, Called, Sanctified
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
December 21 Corinthians 3:4-9Servants in God's Garden
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
November 111 Corinthians 3:1-3Solid Food vs. Milk
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
November 41 Corinthians 2:6-16Mysteries Revealed
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
October 281 Corinthians 2:1-5Wisdom of Man vs Power of God
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
October 211 Corinthians 1:18-31Where Is the Wise?
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
October 14Matthew 24:45-51Doing Is A MUST
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
October 71 Corinthians 1:10-17What A Mess
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 301 Corinthians 1:4-9We Thank God
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 231 Corinthians 1:1-3The Church of God
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 16Habakkuk 1:1-2:4Watch the Nations!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 9Numbers 36:1-13Rejoice! Rejoice!
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
September 2Numbers 35:9-34He Is Our Refuge
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 26Numbers 33:50-56Put to Death
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 19Numbers 31:25-54Give Unto the LORD
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 12Hebrews 8:10-12I Will Not Remember
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
August 5Numbers 31:19-24BE HOLY
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 29Numbers 31:1-18Vengeance Is Mine
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 22Numbers 30:1-6Vow Keeping
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 15Numbers 29:12-40GOD with US
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
July 8Ephesians 5:15-21Be Filled with the Holy Spirit (PDF)
July 1Numbers 29:7-14A Very Solemn Day
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 24Numbers 29:1-6Feast of Trumpets
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 17Hebrews 8:10-12I Will Be Merciful
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 10Numbers 28:26-31Feast of Firstfruits & Pentecost
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
June 3Numbers 28:17-25Feast of Unleavened Bread
(PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 27Numbers 28:16Passover (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
May 20Numbers 28:1-15Daily, Weekly, Monthly (PDF)(MP3)(PPTX)
May 13Numbers 27:12-23God's Perseverance (PDF)(MP3)(PPTX)
May 6Hebrews 8:10-12They Will Know Me (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 29Numbers 26Heirs of GOD (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 22Revelation 2:14Doctrine of Balaam (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 15Jude 1-11Error of Balaam (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
April 8Philippians 3:7-14Have You Counted? (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
Handout: 2012 Feasts of the LORD (PDF)
April 12 Peter 2:15-16Beware of GREED (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 25John 4:3-23True Worship (PDF) (MP3)
March 18Numbers 25Seduced by the World (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 11Hebrews 8:10-12My Treasured People (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
March 4Numbers 24:10-25God's Fourth Message (PDF) (MP3) (PPTX)
February 26Numbers 23:27 - 24:13God's Third Message (PDF) (MP3)
February 19Numbers 23:13-26God's Second Message (PDF) (MP3)
February 12Numbers 22:36 to 23:12God's First Message (PDF) (MP3)
February 05Numbers 22:22-35Balaam and the Sovereign God (Pt 3) (PDF) (MP3)
January 29Number 22:1-22Balaam and the Sovereign God (Pt 2) (PDF) (MP3)
January 22Numbers 22:1-14Balaam and the Sovereign God (Pt 1) (PDF) (MP3)
January 15Hebrews 8:10-12I Will Be Your GOD (PDF) (MP3)
January 8Hebrews 2:1-4BEWARE of Drifting (PDF) (MP3)
January 1Luke 10:38-422012 Are YOU Ready? (PDF) (MP3)
December 25Hebrews 2:1-13He Came as Captain (PDF) (MP3)
December 18Hebrews 9:11-15He Came as Priest (PDF) (MP3)
December 11Deuteronomy 18:18-25He Came As Prophet (PDF) (MP3)
December 4Hebrews 2:14-18He Came As Savior (PDF) (MP3)
November 27Luke 2:1-20He Came as LORD (PDF) (MP3)
November 20Isaiah 42:1-7A Chosen Saviour (PDF) (MP3)
November 13Numbers 21:10-35Battles (Like All Things) Belong to the LORD
(PDF) (MP3)
November 6Numbers 21:1-9God's Way of Salvation (PDF) (MP3)
October 30Numbers 20:22-29We Have A High Priest (PDF) (MP3)
October 23Numbers 20:14-21You Need Endurance (PDF) (MP3)
October 16Numbers 20:1-13The Sin of Moses (PDF) (MP3)
October 9Hebrews 8:10-12"I Will Write My Laws on Their Hearts"
(PDF) (MP3)
October 2Matthew 16:5-12The Red Heifer (PDF) (MP3)
September 11Matthew 16:1-4Knowing the Signs of the Times
(PDF) (MP3)
September 4Numbers 15:8-32A God-Given Priesthood (Tithing)
(PDF) (MP3)
August 28Numbers 18:1-7A God-Given Priesthood (Part 2)
(PDF) MP3)
August 21Numbers 17:1-13A God-Given Priesthood
(PDF) (MP3)
August 14Numbers 16:36-50Beware of Pride (Part 3)
(PDF) (MP3)
August 7Numbers 16:12-35Beware of Pride (Part 2)
(PDF) (MP3)
July 31Numbers 16:1-11Beware of Pride (Part 1)
(PDF) (MP3)
July 24Numbers 15:37-41REMEMBER! (PDF) (MP3)
July 17Hebrews 4:11-16Stay the Course (PDF) (MP3)
July 101 Corinthians 13LOVE: The More Excellent Way (PDF) (MP3)
July 3Numbers 15:22-36Ignorance and Presumption
(PDF) (MP3)
June 26Numbers 15:1-21A Sweet Aroma unto the LORD
(PDF) (MP3)
June 19Numbers 13:39-45Dangers of Unbelief (Part 6)
(PDF) (MP3)
June 12Ephesians 5:22-33We Are the Body of Christ
(PDF) (MP3)
Preaching at HIBC
June 5Numbers 14:26-38Dangers of Unbelief (Part 5)
(PDF) (MP3)
May 29Numbers 14:11-25Dangers of Unbelief (Part 4)
(PDF) (MP3)
May 22Numbers 14:1-10Dangers of Unbelief (Part 3)
(PDF) (MP3)
May 15Numbers 13:26-33Dangers of Unbelief (Part 2)
(PDF) (MP3)
May 8Numbers 13:1-25Dangers of Unbelief (Part 1)
(PDF) (MP3)
May 1Numbers 12Remember MIRIAM (PDF) (MP3)
April 24Philippians 3:1-14The Power of the Resurrection (PDF) (MP3)
April 17Exodus 12:1-13Death or Passover (PDF) (MP3)
April 10Numbers 10:16-35Stop Complaining (Part 3) (PDF) MP3)
April 3Numbers 10:10-15Stop Complaining (Part 2) (PDF) (MP3)
March 20Numbers 11:1-9Stop Complaining (Pt 1) (PDF) (MP3)
March 13Numbers 10:11-36Onward Christian Soldiers (PDF) (MP3)
March 6Numbers 10:1-10A Certain Sound (PDF) (MP3)
February 27Numbers 9:15-23Behind and Under the Cloud
(PDF) (no audio)
February 20Numbers 9:1-14The Passover (PDF) (MP3)
February 13Numbers 8:5-26Consecrated Unto Christ (PDF) (MP3)
February 6Numbers 8:1-4In the Light (PDF) (MP3)
January 30Numbers 7:89Meeting with God (PDF) (MP3)
January 23Numbers 7:10-88Give unto the LORD (PDF) (MP3)
January 16Numbers 7:1-9Equipped for Service (PDF) (MP3)
January 9Numbers 6:22-27God's Blessing (PDF) (MP3)
January 2Hebrews 7:25He Intercedes for Us (PDF) (MP3)
December 26Leviticus 16He Came to Take Away Our Sins (PDF) (MP3)
December 19John 1:1-3, 14He Tabernacled with Us (PDF with Hanout) (MP3)
December 12Ephesians 1:1-14
Genesis 1:1
The Most High God (PDF) (MP3)
Handout: God's Eternal Plan and Me (PDF)
December 5Revelation 19:16
Genesis 1:1
The Most Important Verse of the Bible
LORD God (PDF) (MP3)
November 28Ephesians 1:11
Genesis 1:1
The Most Important Verse of the Bible
The Providence of God (PDF) (MP3)
Handout (PDF)
November 21Psalm 103:19
Genesis 1:1
The Most Important Verse in the Bible
Sovereign GOD (PDF) (MP3)
November 14Daniel 4:34-35
Genesis 1:1
The Most Important Verse in the Bible
GOD Almighty (PDF) (MP3)
November 7Isaiah 40:21-31
Genesis 1:1
The Most Important Verse in the Bible
God All-Wise (PDF) (MP3)
October 31Isaiah 44:24-45:10The Most Important Verse in the Bible
God Creator (PDF) (MP3)
October 24Genesis 1:1
Isaiah 57:15
The Most Important Verse of the Bible
GOD Eternal (PDF) (MP3)
October 17Gen. 1:1; Jer. 9:23-24The Most Important Verse in the Bible
Introduction (PDF) (MP3)
October 10Revelation 19:1-10Glorified! (PDF) (MP3)
October 3Numbers 6:1-21A Nazarite for Life (PDF) (MP3)
September 26Numbers 5:11-31Feast of Tabernacle and Holy Jealousy
(PDF) (MP3)
September 19Numbers 5:5-10Making It Right (PDF) (MP3)
Christ In the Offerings (PDF)
September 12Numbers 5:1-4Holiness in the Camp (PDF) (MP3)
September 51 Peter 1:13-25Redeemed (PDF) (MP3)
Lord's Supper Handout (PDF)
August 29Numbers 4:1-16Right vs. Wrong (PDF) (MP3)
August 22Numbers 3:1-20Priests of the Most High (PDF) (MP3)
August 15Numbers 2He Is LORD (PDF) (MP3)
Handout: Camp and March (PDF)
August 8Numbers 1:1-4Ready for Battle (PDF) (MP3)
August 1Numbers 1:1-4, 17-19Who Am I? (PDF) (MP3)
July 25Numbers 1:1Wandering in the World (PDF) (MP3)
July 18Exodus 12:12-20"This Is My Body" (PDF) (MP3)
July 4John 21:15-26Feed My Sheep (PDF) (MP3)
June 27John 21:1-14Going Fishing (PDF) (MP3)
June 20John 20:29Blessed Are . . . (PDF) (MP3)
May 23John 20:24-28A Lesson in Unbelief (PDF) (MP3)
May 16John 20:22-23Spirit and Sin (PDF) (MP3)
May 9John 20:22The Holy Spirit and You (PDF) (MP3)
The Wind and the Spirit Handout (PDF)
May 2John 20:17-22Peace Be with You (PDF) (MP3)
April 25Exodus 11:1-7He Did Not Share This Cup (PDF) (MP3)
April 18Isaiah 41:8-16A Precious Cornerstone (PDF) (MP3)
Scarlet Worm Handout (PDF)
April 11Isaiah 41:1-7Who? (PDF) (MP3)
April 4John 20:1-18A Closer Look at Mary Magdalene (PDF) (MP3)
March 28Isaiah 28:14-17A Precious Cornerstone (PDF) (MP3)
February 14John 20:1He Is Risen (Part 1) (PDF) (MP3)
February 07John 19:38-42Dead and Buried (PDF) (MP3)
January 31John 19:31-37A Hammer and A Spear (PDF) (MP3)
January 24Luke 23:44-48He Gave Himself (PDF) (MP3)
January 17Matthew 27:45-54At the Cross (Part 2) (PDF) (MP3)
January 10John 19:25-27At the Cross (PDF) (MP3)
December 20John 19:30"It Is Finished!" (PDF) (MP3)
December 13John 19:23-37Who Is in Control? (Part 3) (PDF) (MP3)
December 6John 19:15-22Who Is In Control? (Part 2) (PDF) (MP3)
November 29John 19:1-16Who Is in Control? (PDF) (MP3)
November 22John 18:38-40Barabbas! (PDF) (MP3)
November 15John 18:28-38What Is Truth? (PDF) (MP3)
November 8John 18:28-38The King on Trial (PDF) (MP3)
November 1John 18:12-27The Fear of Man (PDF) (MP3)
October 25John 18:12-27Unfair? (PDF) (MP3)
Handout: The Trials of Jesus (PDF)
October 18John 18:1-11Into "Battle" (PDF)
October 11John 17:20-26The Lord's Prayer (Part 10) (PDF)
October 4John 17:18-19The Lord's Prayer (Part 9) (PDF)
September 27Lev 16:1-10; 23:26- 32; Heb 9:11-12A Priest and Two Goats (PDF)
September 20John 17:17The Lord's Prayer (Part 8) (PDF)
September 13John 17:14-17The Lord's Prayer (Part 7) (PDF)
September 6John 17:13The Lord's Prayer (Part 6) (PDF)
August 30John 17:11-12The Lord's Prayer (Part 5) (PDF)
August 23John 17:6-10The Lord's Prayer (Part 4) (PDF)
August 16John 17:3-5The Lord's Prayer (Part 3) (PDF)
August 9John 17:3The Lord's Prayer (Part 2) (PDF)
August 2John 17:1-2The Lord's Prayer (Part 1) (PDF)
July 26John 16:31-33Trouble Trouble PEACE (PDF) (MP3)
July 19John 16:25-32He Came, He Left, He Is Coming (PDF) (MP3)
July 12John 16:16-24The Secret of REAL JOY (PDF) (MP3)
June 28John 16:12-15The Spirit of Truth (PDF) (MP3)
June 21John 15:26-16:11Another Comforter (PDF) (MP3)
June 14John 15:17-25Beware of the World (PDF) (MP3)
Love Test (PDF)
June 7John 15:11-16To Be Called A Friend (PDF) (MP3)
May 31John 15:7-10I AM the True Vine (Part 3) (PDF) (MP3)
May 24John 15:4-6I AM the True Vine (Part 2) (PDF) (MP3)
May 17John 15:1-3I AM the True Vine (PDF) (MP3)
May 10John 14:27-31My Peace (PDF) (MP3)
May 3John 14:21-24Hear and Obey (PDF) (MP3)
April 26John 14:16-20, 25-26Another Comforter (PDF) (MP3)
April 19John 14:7-15Works, Prayer, Obedience (PDF) (MP3)
April 12Eph 1:15-2:7Are YOU Risen Indeed? (PDF) (MP3)
April 5John 14:4-6The Way (PDF) (MP3)
March 8John 14:3The Groom Is Coming (PDF) (MP3)
March 1John 14:1-2My Father's House (PDF) (MP3)
February 22John 14:1A Call to Be Strong (PDF) (MP3)
February 15John 13:34-35Something Old; Something New (PDF) (MP3)
February 08John 13:31-33NOW God Is Glorified (PDF) (MP3)
February 01John 13:18-30Sin Against the Lord (Part 1) (PDF) (MP3)
January 25John 13:15-17He Washed Feet (Part 3) (PDF) (MP3)
January 18John 13:12-14He Washed Feet (Part 2) (PDF) (MP3)
January 11John 13:1-11He Washed Feet (Part 1) (PDF) (MP3)
January 4John 13:1He Loved His Own to the End (PDF) (MP3)
28 DecemberJohn 12:34-50Walk In His Light (PDF) (MP3)
21 DecemberPhilippians 2:3-11He Came to Earth (PDF) (MP3)
14 DecemberJohn 10:20-30God Keeps Me (PDF) (MP3)
7 December2 Corinthians 3:18God Is Making Me to Look Like Him (PDF) (MP3)
30 November1 Peter 3:13-21GOD Bought Me (PDF) (MP3)
23 NovemberJohn 4:10God Poured Out His Wrath on My Substitute (PDF) (MP3)
16 NovemberHebrews 7:22GOD Took My Place (PDF) (MP3)
9 NovemberHebrews 2:9-18The Almighty God Became Man for Me (PDF) (MP3)
2 NovemberIsaiah 42:1-6God's Choice (PDF) (MP3)
Telling the Story Crossword (PDF)
26 OctoberJohn 12:31-34Who Is the Son of Man? (PDF) (MP3)
19 OctoberJohn 12:24-30To Die Is to Live! (PDF) (MP3)
Lord's Supper Handout (PDF)
12 OctoberJohn 12:20-24We Want to See Jesus (PDF) (MP3)
5 OctoberJohn 12:12-19Triumphal Entrance (Part 2) (PDF) (MP3)
28 SeptemberJohn 12:9-12Triumphal Entrance (Part 1) (PDF) (MP3)
21 SeptemberJohn 12:1-9A Sweet Smelling Sacrifice (PDF) (MP3)
14 SeptemberJohn 11:45-57For Whom Did Christ Die? (PDF) (MP3)
7 SeptemberJohn 11:38-44I AM the Resurrection and Life (Part 6) (PDF) (MP3)
31 AugustJohn 11:17-38I AM the Resurrection and Life (Part 5) (PDF) (MP3)
24 AugustJohn 11:11-16I AM the Resurrection and Life (Part 4) (PDF) (MP3)
17 AugustJohn 11:7-10I AM the Resurrection and Life (Part 3) (PDF) (MP3)
10 AugustMatthew 26:36-46The Glorious Cup of Judgment (PDF) (MP3)
Lord's Supper Handout (PDF)
3 AugustJohn 11:5-8I AM the Resurrection and Life (Part 2) (PDF) (MP3)
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